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Chapter 5 excerpts


Mexico City, 1977

"Laura’s first memory was of standing on the balcony of their apartment in Coyoacán, the edge of the wrought iron railing barely below eye level.  She moved down into the corner, straining her hand between the bars to reach the bougainvillea’s lush purple blossoms that seemed slightly under her reach.  Ah, success.  And all at once, the vague disappointment at how quickly the flower fell apart between her probing fingers, leaving only a small reddish stain along her palm; and then the whoosh of Inocencia, her sandals flapping against her brown heels, tongue clacking disapprovingly as she swooped Laura up in her arms.

'Ay, niñita!  What if you fell and your mama came back from the newspaper and found you in broken pieces on the sidewalk!  Ay, Dios, I can’t get anything done around here when you go off like this.' "














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